Bluetooth + FM/DAB Display Control Unit

The In Wall Bluetooth + FM/DAB it is a standalone audio module that allows you to enjoy four music channels. With BLUETOOTH Audio Receiver, FM/DAB tuner and an additional TWO stereo or four MONO audio inputs makes it the perfect audio system.

Intuitive and easy to operate with LCD screen, RDS and compatible with our KBSOUND STAR App.  Available in Apple App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices).

Can be paired with any device with Bluetooth® capabilities (A2DP / AVRCP).

Designed to ensure security and avoid interferences from other users nearby, each Module has its own identification number.

The Control Unit fits aesthetically with the most popular European light switch brands thanks to its standard 45x45mm size and its perspex finishes.




  • Installation Menu: At the time of installation the installer can set different features such as:  Language, Auto ON/OFF, Mono/Stereo, Audio Output, Balance, Volume limit, Menu lock and personalize the Audio Inputs L1 and L2:
  • Optionally convertible to four mono audio inputs
  • Normal/professional/ other input level selector
  • Personalize labels (BT/TV/FM/DISC)
  • Option to connect to our 100 Series Central Unit
  • Enable amplifier trigger (ref.13204
  • User Menu: Allows the user to personalize some features such as FM/DAB memories, DAB services, Ideal mode, Equalization, Timer, etc

FM Version

   ref. 52707     White

   ref. 52757     Black


FM/DAB Version

   ref. 52706     White

   ref. 52756     Black

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