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Solution for an office floor using our In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver 5” kit, providing each area the facility to stream music via Bluetooth and also have independent music control. The In-wall module allows the connection of another audio source through the Audio-In option (Jack input).

In the offices, waiting and relax areas the installation uses one unit of the In-wall Bluetooth Audio receiver with 5” speakers in each area.

For larger areas like the office rooms the installation is extended by adding 5” In-ceiling speakers to the In-wall Bluetooth module.

Product Description

Ref. Description Units
1. Offices
52606 In-wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver 5" 5
In-Wall Bluetooth Audio receiver that can be paired with any device with Bluetooth® capabilities. Fits into the most popular light switches in the market (45 x 45mm). Signal reach is 10/12 meters. Designed to ensure security and avoid interferences from other users nearby, each Módule has its own identification number. Auxiliary Jack input (3,5mm). Includes:Two 5" 8Ω loudspeakers, Power supply 15Vdc/0,8A (12W),Control unit frame.
2. Waiting and Relax areas
52606 In-wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver 5" 2
3. Offices rooms
52606 In-wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver 5" 2
16604 5" Two way in-ceiling design Loudspeaker 8Ω 4
5” two way coaxial loudspeaker, 8Ω. With 5” woofer and 3/4” tweeter. 10W/20W maximum allowable power. SPL (1W/1m) 88 dB. Speaker grille and ring in aluminium. Easy, fast and sure installation in false ceilings. Connect to screw-in terminals.

Sample: 1 | 2