Offices Floor: KBSOUND® Space

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Background music based on the KBSOUND SPACE solution, with FM tuner and linked with the KBSOUND DOCK Accessory to play music from any iPod, iPhone or any other audio device connected to the Jack input provided at the rear of the Dock.

The entire installation is enlarged using 5” In-ceiling speakers in all areas together with stereo amplifiers.

Product Description

Installation diagram

Ref. Description Units
1. General office floor
50398 KBSOUND Space 1
Electronic Module that includes terminals to allow connecting an external amplifier, an enhanced FM tuner with 30 memories and stereo output 1,5 + 1,5 W. Improved wiring design and connecting terminals to facilitate easy installation. Designed to insert the Radio Frequency device to allow integration with the KBSOUND® DOCK. Includes an improved antenna (RF connector) for better reception. Remote Control to access the different sound sources such as FM, iPod/Bluetooth, Audio In and DAB. Allows you to step forward and back and play/pause for iPod/Bluetooth playing list. The Display shows RDS for Radio and iPod/Bluetooth playing list. IR receiver/transmitter included.
50902 KBSOUND Dock - white 1
KBSOUND Dock for use with the KBSound Space to allow integration with all models of iPhone and iPod, and other external sound sources that can be connected with a 3,5mm Jack input. Can be powered from the iPod/iPhone battery.
11296 30W Power Supply 1
30W Power Supply unit. LED illuminates when in use. Inputs for remote turning on and off of all the control units of the installation.
13102 Stereo amplifier 5 + 5W 3
5W+5W / 4+4 Ohm amplifier in stereo configuration or 8W / 8 Ohm in mono configuration. Automatic switch On/Off from the control unit. Can be attached automatically to the back of any 5” loudspeaker.
15602 5" 16Ω In-ceiling Loudspeaker 24
5” wide band loudspeaker, 16Ω . 3W/6W maximum allowable power. SPL (1W/1m) 84dB. Includes 5” trim ring. Rear protective case for handling without risk of damage. Quick fastening in false ceilings using bull’s eye type elastic elements. Fastens to any type of 4” or 5” built‑in housing using hooks with screw tightening. Connect to screw-in terminals

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