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A simple installation based on our KBSOUND® SPACE BT comprising a Bluetooth receiver and FM tuner.

The system is controlled through our KBSOUND® App. Background music provided by streaming the music stored in any Bluetooth device or from the world of internet or listen to the FM tuner.

In-ceiling auxiliary amplified speakers are installed in all areas of the restaurant.

Product Description

Installation diagram

Ref. Description Units
Bluetooth Audio system that allows pairing with any Bluetooth (iOS & Android) devices. The control is through our KBSOUND BT App. KBSOUND BT App: available on Apple App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices). Bluetooth signal reach is 10/12 meters. The system can be expanded to an additional four speakers if the SLAVE option is activated using our amplifier speakers Ref. 55201. Slaves and Master can be turned on and off, joined or separately using the settings menu on the App. Kit Contents: -Electronic Module with BLUETOOTH, FM tuner, Power supply and Audio amplifier that allows the connection of different design and type of speakers. Stereo output 10 + 10W (4Ω), 5 + 5W (8Ω), 2,5 + 2,5W (16Ω). Each module has a unique identifier and password to avoid interference between users. - FM Antenna (76 cm).
55201 Auxiliary active Loudspeaker 3
5+5W Sound Amplifier. - 8 Ohm two-way loudspeaker. - 8 Ohm output for a Passive Loudspeaker. - Line input (4 wires). - Connection to electrical mains (110 to 240Vac/18W).
55301 Passive Loudspeaker 3
8 Ohm two way loudspeaker, woofer 5” and tweeter 1”.

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