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Centralized Combisound 19” Rack solution with telephone switchboard interface to be able to send voice messages from each consulting room to the corresponding waiting area using any conventional telephone.

All waiting areas are provided with 4” 100 Volt Ceiling speakers.

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Product Description

Ref. Description Units
1. Combisound Central Unit
18953 Complementary Modules Unit - 19" Rack Cabinet 1
Complementary modules (19" Rack Cabinet). Option to carry out personalized internal connections for each type of installation, such as: -Emergency connections with 3 wire atenuator. -Interphone calls from surgery room to waiting rooms, etc.
81383 Power Amplifier - MPU-6412 1
4 channel booster amplifier designed for up to 4 zone application. Equipped with XLR and jack output for connecting to another amplifier. 4 output 70V/100V/8 ohm, S/N 86 db. 3U rack 19”. Dimensions: 132 x 425 x 420 mm.
11296 30W Power Supply 1
30W Power Supply unit. LED illuminates when in use. Inputs for remote turning on and off of all the control Units of the installation. Automatic turning on and off of sound sources connected to the power socket. Use as primary or auxiliary power source.
43492 Telephone switchboard interface 4
This module allows connection of the 400 Compact, 400 Modular Series and 100 Series to a telephone switchboard. Calls can be sent to all the relevant Audio Control Units from any switchboard extension.
81436 19” Rack cabinet 9U F550 2 bodies. 1
81443 Blind panel 19" 2U 1
81445 Screw fix + M6 cage nut 50
2. GP Waiting area
81594 100 V Loudspeaker HIT-402 8
Two-way in-ceiling speaker 4”. Power 20W 8 ohm, 1.5 / 3/6 W with 100V line transformer.
3. Dentist waiting area
81594 100 V Loudspeaker HIT-402 4
4. Midwife waiting area
81594 100 V Loudspeaker HIT-402 2
5. Pediatrics waiting area
81594 100 V Loudspeaker HIT-402 4

Installation diagram

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