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Centralized Combisound Rack 19” solution integrating public address and sound systems to be able to send music when needed and send voice messages to common areas such as halls, restaurants, cafeteria, etc.

In the halls and restaurants, the installation is with 5.25” 100 Volt In-ceiling speakers, however, the cafeteria has cabinet speakers.

Product Description

Installation diagram

Ref. Description Units
1. Combisound Central Unit RACK
18951 Central control Unit,- 19" Rack Cabinet 1
Central control unit (19" Rack Cabinet) with: -Two audio channels for background music. -Optional module for recorded messages. -KNX Interface. -PC and Telephone Interface. -Connector for FM antenna. -Connection for intercom microphone base and zones modules through double terminal output.
18952 Zone control Unit - 19" Rack Cabinet 1
Zone control unit (19" Rack Cabinet) with: -Each unit consists of 1 to 6 audio control Units for 1 to 6 zones. -The maximum number of zones permitted is 200 for each installation. -Connection for any power amplifier of any public address system through audio, output with plug-in terminals.
414A2 Central Unit with sound input & FM tuner 1
Sound input with automatic adjustment level (55mV to 3.8V). - Connector to allow management of the System from a PC using our Interface Ref.43491. -Alpha-numeric keypad for menu and setting functions according to users' needs. - Adjustable lighting for display screen. - Easy to use intutitive menus programmable in several languages. Incorporates an FM Tuner with direct station tuning, manual and automatic scan, adjustable sensitivity and 20 pre-set memories. Radio frequency is displayed on the screen.
41451 Central Unit face cover 1
41592 Stereo Sound Input (manual adjustment) 1
Stereo Sound Input Unit with automatic adjustment level (0,1V to 3,8V).
41552 Face cover for Stereo Sound Input Ref. 4159 (black) 4
48151 Curved lid face cover (black) 5
11296 30W Power Supply 2
30W Power Supply unit. LED illuminates when in use. Inputs for remote turning on and off of all the control Units of the installation. Automatic turning on and off of sound sources connected to the power socket. Use as primary or auxiliary power source.
43495 KNX Interface 400 Series 1
The KNX interface for the 400 Series allows you to integrate and control our sound from any Home Automated System that utilizes the KNX communication protocol. Users from up to 24 zones can choose the different audio sources, control the volume, go forward and backwards in the FM stations memorized and turn on/off the entire system.
43492 Telephone switchboard interface 1
This module allows connection of the 400 Compact, 400 Modular Series and 100 Series to a telephone switchboard. Calls can be sent to all the relevant Audio Control Units from any switchboard extension.
43491 PC Interface 1
The 400 Compact and Modular Series can be connected to a PC using this Interface Unit. This will allow all of the functions and adjustments to the Audio Control Units and the Central Units of these Series. Calls can be sent and received if the PC incorporates a sound card with loudspeakers and microphone. The interface comes with software for Windows 98, 2000, Millenium and XP and connector cables between the PC (Port Series RS232) and the Central Unit (Ref. 414 A2).
81383 Power Amplifier - MPU-6412 1
81437 19” Rack cabinet 12U F550 2 bodies. 1
81443 Blind panel 19" 2U 2
81445 Screw fix + M6 cage nut
2. Reception
13503 Intercom microphone base for 400 & 100 series 1
The microphone can be incorporated into any 400 and 100 Series installation.,Public address calls can be made individually to groups or generally.,- Ring tones can be selected to announce calls and when terminated.,- Acoustic alarm signal can be activated using the keypad and from an external input.,- The volume of public address tones (ding-dong) and alarm signal can be adjusted.,- The Microphone Base (Ref. 135 03) must be used with the RJ45 Line Connector (Ref. 12701/51).
12701 Line Connector RJ45 1
RJ 45 Line Connector to connect the Microphone Base (Ref. 135 03).
19102 One module Control Unit frame 1
18201 Built-in housing case 1 module 1
3. Hall and common zones
81595 100 V Loudspeaker HST-540-2YCT 8
Two-way in-ceiling speaker 5” with tweeter 1/4”. Power 50W 8 ohm, 1.5 /3/6W with 100V line transformer.
4. Restaurant
81595 100 V Loudspeaker HST-540-2YCT 6
5. VIP Restaurant
81595 100 V Loudspeaker HST-540-2YCT 4
6. Cafeteria
81995 100 V Cabinet Loudspeaker EWS-30B 4

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