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Background music with one music channel and three microphone points to send public address messages. One area is provided with 5.25” 100 Volt In-ceiling loudspeakers.

Product Description

Ref. Description Units
1. Exhibition room
81379 Mixer Amplifier . MA2624 1
Mixer amplifiers designed for total 6 inputs (channel) application. Included 3 AUX and up to 5 microphone connectors. The series include the models of output power 240W. Chime function (ding-dong).
81168 Table stand Microphone DM-333D 3
Desk base with ON/OFF switch, flexible gooseneck with cardioid dynamic microphone. Cable with male XLR connector and 2 conductors for priority activation (ding-dong).
81595 100 V. Louspeaker HST-540-2YCT 54
Two-way in-ceiling speaker 5” with tweeter 1/4”. Power 50W 8 ohm, 1.5 /3/6W with 100V line transformer.

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