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Sports Center: Public Address System

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Public address system together with background music for all different zones. Wireless microphones can be connected in places where needed such as the gym individual exercise rooms.

In common areas, the installation is with 4” 100 Volt In-ceiling and ceiling surface speakers, however, the central court has cabinet speakers.

In the press room, an independent audio and microphone system is installed.

Product Description

Installation diagram

Ref. Description Units
1. Public Address Central Rack
81385 Mixer preamplifier MMX-602/SW 1
Microphone line mixer, 6 channels. 6 stereo line inputs, 6 balanced mono microphone inputs, switchable. 12 V phantom power can be switched on additionally. Master and record output can be switched stereo/mono.
81382 Power Amplifier MPU-6424 1
2 channel booster amplifier designed for 2 zone application. Equipped with XLR and jack output for connecting to another amplifier. 2 output 70V/100V/8 ohm, S/N 86 db. 2U rack 19”.
81384 CD-112TRS 1
CD and MP3 player with FM/AM tuner and USB 2.0 interface, RS-232 interface, SD/MMC card slot.
81165 Two channel diverisity receiver US-8002D/2 1
Eight intermodulationfree frequencies are available and thus setting up four 2-channel receivers for simultaneous operation maybe possible. LEDs indicate diversity status and audio level. Pilot tone squelch and fixed noise squelch allow for an interference free operation. This system is ideally suited for any speech application requiring a reliable transmission of several dialogue partners or vocal partners.
81436 19” Rack cabinet 9U F550 2 bodies. 1
81443 Blind panel 19" 2U 1
81445 Screw fix + M6 cage nut 50
2. Microphones
81166 Wireless hand-held microphone MH-850/2 1
Dynamic hand-held UHF PLL microphone transmitter. 16-channel .
81167 Wireless lavalier microphone PT 850B/1 1
UHF PLL pocket transmitter with lavalier microphone included. PLL Multifrequency System. 16-channel. 2 x batt. AA size, alkaline. 4-pole mini XLR. Frequency response: 100Hz-15KHz, Sensibility: 60db+/-3dB, Impedance 2,2K, SPL 130 dB.
81168 Micrphone with base desktop DM-333D 1
Desk base with ON/OFF switch, flexible gooseneck with cardioid dynamic microphone. Cable with male XLR connector and 2 conductors for priority activation (ding-dong).
3. Corridors, Changing rooms and Toilets
81594 100 V Loudspeaker HIT-402 25
Two-way in-ceiling speaker 4”. Power 20W 8 ohm, 1.5 / 3/6 W with 100V line transformer.
81969 100 V Loudspeaker ECS-650T 15
Surface design mount speaker in ABS for wall or in-ceiling speaker dual cone 6.5” 2.5/5/10W 100V 80Hz-18KHz frequency response, 93dB SPL.
4. Central Court
81977 Fashion cabinet Loudspeaker EWS-60B 4
Two-way ABS speaker bass reflex in black color. 8 “woofer and 1” tweeter. 7.5/15/30/60W 100V and 8 ohms, frequency response: 40Hz-20KHz, sensitivity 88 dB.
5. Press room
81169 Condenser desktop Microphone ECM-500 1
PA desktop microphone, with gooseneck. Electret, cardioid characteristic. Indicating light for microphone operation. ON/OFF switch. Removable gooseneck (XLR connection).
81376 Mixer Amplifier MA-1606 1
Mixer amplifier designed for total 6 inputs (channel) application. Included 3 AUX and up to 5 microphone connectors. The series include the models of output power 60W. Chime function (ding-dong).
81993 100 V Loudspeaker EWS-15B (2 units- PAIR) 1
Two-way ABS Speaker bass reflex in black color. Woofer 4 “and 1” tweeter. 2.5/5/10/20W 100V and 8 ohms, frequency response: 90Hz-20KHz, sensitivity 87 dB.

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