Bluetooth Accessory

The perfect Bluetooth® accessory that enables you to stream your music from any smartphone, tablet or device equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology to our KBSOUND® iSelect and Space kits.

Enjoy the music, be mobile and flexible. KBSOUND® kits, the MUST HAVE sound solution!

It’s time for change

Tired of cables… complicated installation… downloading software and synchronizing with your router to get started? Break with the conventional multiroom audio concept. MAKE IT SIMPLE. You choose the rooms and easily install a KBSOUND® kit with its Bluetooth® Accessory. Now, pair our KBSOUND® kit with your smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy your music library, watch a movie or stream audio from anywhere in the world. Our one room kit can be your multiroom solution. Go ahead, make the change!!! At the touch of your hand Stream the world of internet music into your home with KBSOUND® Bluetooth®.

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Tech specs

Measurements: 54,8 x 37 x 20 mm (width x height x depth)

Voltage: 3,3V Internal connector

Consumption demand: 0,1 W

Bluetooth Specification: Class2 BT2.1 + EDR - A2DP 1.2 - AVRCP 1.4

Let’s Stream!

At the touch of your hand STREAM the world of internet music with Bluetooth® with our In-wall Bluetooth® Audio Receiver.


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