P.A. System


We take great pride in presenting the COMBISOUND, the most complete solution for integrating public address and sound systems. This revolutionary concept combines the best of our ambience sound products with any public address system for large building projects.

The advantages of Combisound

The benefits of combining two systems in one in order to provide power and control with a maximum amount of features makes COMBISOUND a guarantee of success.

Different functions offering versatile audio and public address applications can be optimized. As a result, users can enjoy its features in an easy and simple way.

 The System can be tailor-made to meet the specific design requirements of each building, its environment, its electroacoustic features and the level of operations required.


Send Messages

Possibility to send messages to 10 zones individually or in a group format (If require further zones please contact our tech department).

Play recorded messages automatically through the fire alarm system to all areas at the same time as a general call.


Listen and enjoy music everywhere in a building

Two audio channels to enjoy music everywhere in a building.

General FM tuner for the entire installation. (Depends of the project needs).

One external sound input in the Central Unit. (Depends of the project needs).

The Audio Control Units in each zone can incorporate their own FM tuner and the possibility to connect one external sound input. (Depends of the Control Unit selected).


Control the System

The Audio Control Units can be personalized.

All the programming features can be blocked to avoid unnecessary access by the users. (Control Units 328xx and 527xx).


  Zone control unit (19" Rack Cabinet)

  Ref. 18952:

  • Each unit consists of 1 to 6 audio control units (45x45) for 1 to 6 zones or audio input modules 45x45 (Central Units).
  • Connection for any power amplifier of any public address system through audio output with plug-in terminals.
  • Connection for intercom microphone base.


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