The KBSOUND® Dock can be used with KBSOUND® iSelect 2.5”,  KBSOUND® iSelect 5” and KBSOUND® SPACE. When integrated the kits will allow you to listen to your music library from all models of iPod or iPhone, and any others external sound sources.


  • Dock.
  • Wireless module &  RF Antenna.
  • 10W power supply with interchangeable plugs for different countries.

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Made for iPod and iPhone

KBSOUND®DOCK is the second product from EISSOUND with “Made for iPod and iPhone”. Pressing the key Ipod on your remote control selects the iPod or iPhone as a sound source if inserted in the DOCK.

Once selected it allows us to control the iPod or iPhone, executing orders like PLAY/PAUSE or step forward/back through the stored playing list of the device.


Using the AUDIO IN option you can connect your PC or iPad to the DOCK and watch a movie and enjoy the audio or listen to your songs stored in iTunes. (Jack input 3,5mm).

You can also control the audio and video reproduction using the App remote from Apple.

All these features make the KSOUND DOCK an amazing versatile system. Go anywhere in your home were you have installed an iSelect, link-up with your DOCK and enjoy your music.

KBSOUND® DOCK, the perfect link between any sound source and your home. Gracefully designed to fit discreetly into all decors.


Installation Manual


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