Audio Receiver 2½”

In-Wall Bluetooth Audio receiver that can be paired with any device with Bluetooth® capabilities  (A2DP / AVRCP). Fits into the most popular light switches in the market (45 x 45mm).

Signal reach is 10/12 meters.

Designed to ensure security and avoid interferences from other users nearby, each Module has its own identification number.

Perfect for your home, ideal solution for hotel rooms, hospitals, schools and any public place… in the wall avoids theft.

The In-Wall Bluetooth kit, includes:

  • In-Wall Bluetooth Audio Receiver
  • Two 2 ½” 8Ω loudspeakers
  • Power supply (15Vdc/0,8A)
  • Control unit frame

In-Wall Bluetooth®


Each module is identified as KINGBT-XXXX where XXXX is a serial number which permits the user to identify different Modules that can co-exist in the same installation.

The module is provided with a key for operating the Bluetooth® mode (ON/OFF).

External audio input: the module is also provided with a socket to connect a 3,5mm jack for an external audio input. When the user inserts the jack the audio output switches to the signal from the jack and has priority over the Bluetooth® signal.

Led for signaling.


Let’s Stream!

At the touch of your hand STREAM the world of internet music with Bluetooth® with our In-wall Bluetooth® Audio Receiver.

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