Enjoy your favorite music in the most diverse and fun way.  Imagine superb Hi-Fi audio sound quality and listening to any song whenever or wherever you want. The versatility of our SOUNDAROUND Wi-Fi system brings you the joys of wireless streaming throughout your home.

Control is simple using the Apps powered by Qualcomm AllPlay availables such as D-Stream Air, Panasonic Music Stream, Hitachi Wifi, among others for iOS and Android devices. The Apps allows you to access your music library, stream from the internet, enjoy your music services, listen to different songs in different rooms, control one or all of your speakers at the same time and adjust the volume.

Live an unforgettable audio experience. Fill your home with amazing sound and let your favorite music surround you.


Our speaker is gracefully designed with elegant lines and a superb finish. Fit contemporary or classic lifestyles. Powerful, sturdy and full of life is ideal for any sized room. Choose the SA 50W and give you sound with a heartbeat that inspires.  Remember you can control one speaker, send music to separate speakers or group them all together.


How does it work? It’s simple

Plug in the power cord from the loudspeaker to the mains and look for the SOUNDAROUND signal in the Wi-Fi settings of your device.  Select and automatically the log-in page will be displayed to allow you to assign a name which will better define the location of the speaker and also to connect to your Wi-Fi network.  Remember, to ensure correct functioning, the loudspeaker and the device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If by any chance the device doesn’t detect the Wi-Fi signal, you can alternatively connect by pressing the WPS on your router and the SET button on the back of the loudspeaker.

Once connected, open the App and choose a loudspeaker and immediately enjoy the world of music from your music library, music services, compatible Apps such as Spotify Premium among others and if you wish, connect other devices using the audio input.

Expanding your system using more speakers is easy. Follow the same procedure, add them to your device and manage them all from the same App.

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