Space is another leap forward in our KBSOUND® range. This is our custom made audio solution. It's open ended allowing you to freely choose your loudspeakers and amplifiers to fulfill the specific design requirements of your project with superb sound.


Design to fit discreetely into any decor or ambience.


Allows you to design sound projects that meet the specific requirements of each building an their electro-acoustic features by adding as many loudspeakers as you need.


Combining the Space with any public address system allows you to customize sound in medium and large building projects.

Specify when you request the DAB version.

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The Space kit includes:

  • The Remote Control. The Kit is managed by the Remote Control with a LCD display screen and the Radio Data System (RDS) communications protocol. The key panel will allow you to choose your sound source whether it be FM, DAB,  iPOD/ BLUETOOTH®. It has a LEVEL key to operate the volume, bass, treble, bass and loudness. Other keys allow you to scan or directly key-in FM stations and store in the memory the stations with optimal reception.

The Remote Control also allows you to step forward and back or play and pause the iPOD, iPHONE, BLUETOOTH device playing list.

  • The Electronic Module. includes terminals to allow connecting external audio amplifiers and facilitate installation. The wireless modules of the DOCK and BLUETOOTH® Accessories fits snugly into the connector socket of the Electronic Module.
  • Infrared transmitter/receiver.
  • Antenna cable for FM (76cm), -Loudspeaker parallel cable (5m).

DAB User Manual

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